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AGL is one of the largest energy suppliers in the country, and services residential and business customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. They now offer gas plans to the Western Australia market as well.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the energy plans, rewards programs, and other information you might like to know about AGL. Take a look at our comparison tool at the bottom of the guide to see how AGL compares to other suppliers in your state.

  • AGL offers electricity and gas to residential and gas customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. They also offer natural gas plans in Western Australia
  • AGL partnered with flybuys to reward customers for their energy usage.
  • AGL’s Solar Savers offers a feed-in tariff of 20c per kilowatt hour, the largest feed-in tariff out of all of their plans.

AGL is one of the bigger energy suppliers in the country. As a result, they are able to offer both electricity and gas plans to most of their customers, with the exception of those in WA.

You can choose AGL as your electricity supplier or gas supplier, then use a different company for the other energy source. Alternatively, you can bundle your electricity and gas plans together from AGL.

AGL offers electricity plans to residents of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. They also offer gas plans in these states, as well as Western Australia – although the plans are different in WA.

The AGL Essentials product is a fixed rate plan that applies to both electricity and gas. You can choose to receive either or both energy sources when you select AGL Essentials.

As the name suggests, AGL Essentials is a bare-bones plan offering low usage rates instead of discounts. AGL fixes your rates for 12 months, so you have the security that your energy prices will stay the same for the year.

There are also no exit fees on this plan, and AGL will send you an SMS reminder each month when your bill is due.

The requirement for this plan, however, is that you receive monthly bills by email and pay with direct debit. If you fail to pay your bill this way for one reason or another, AGL has the right to cancel your plan with 20 days notice.

AGL Savers is a variable rate plan that applies to both electricity and gas. It covers a period of 12 months with no exit fees, meaning you can switch energy suppliers at any time without paying extra.

You will also receive 10,000 Flybuys points when you sign up online for the AGL Savers electricity plan. Both electricity and gas AGL Savers plans give customers access to the AGL reward program (more on the Flybuys system and AGL rewards ahead).

AGL’s flexible bill repayment system allows you to choose when you pay your bill: weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

The AGL Savers plan provides a conditional pay on time discount to customers as well. The percentage you will save depends on the state in which you live.

The only distinction here is the Double Up discount you receive when bundling an AGL gas and electricity plan in Queensland. This additional usage discount applies to your natural gas bill alone. The rest of the states have a similar discount with the AGL Savers – Home Connect plan.

AGL Savers Usage Charges Discounts by State
State Electricity Only Bundle
NWS 20% 13%
VIC 30% 26%
QLD 26% 10% (15% with bundle)
SA 11% 7%

The AGL Savers – Home Connect has the same terms as the regular AGL Savers plan with a few distinctions.

The pay on time discounts on usage charges aren’t as high, but customers receive additional Double Up discounts for having both electricity and gas plans from AGL (with the exception of Queensland, as they have this option from the AGL Savers plan). The Double Up discounts apply to electricity usage only.

The plan period also lasts two years instead of one, but you still won’t face any exit fees.

One of the benefits of this plan is the free Amazon Echo you’ll receive when you sign up. This might not be enough to sway people into purchasing the plan, but it’s a nice bonus for those who do.

AGL Savers – Home Connect Usage Charges Discounts by State
State Electricity Only Bundle
NWS 14% 18%
VIC 23% 27%
QLD 16% No bundle option
(See AGL Savers)
SA 4% 8%

AGL is a gas-only supplier in Western Australia, and their plans in the state are a bit different than they are in the others. We’ve included a graphic below to give you a breakdown of discounts and features in the three WA gas plans.

Gas Plan Usage
Additional Features
AGL Fixed Rate 2 years No exit fees

Fixed rate

Flexible billing options

24/7 online or phone support

AGL rewards program

10,000 flybuys points for new customers who sign up online
AGL Set & Forget 35% Pay by direct debit 2 years No exit fees

Variable rate

24/7 online or phone support

AGL rewards program

10,000 flybuys points for new customers who sign up online
AGL Savers 35% Pay on Time 2 years No exit fees

Variable rate

24/7 online or phone support

AGL rewards program

10,000 flybuys points for new customers who sign up online

AGL offers customers a few different ways to save on everyday purchases through their flybuys partnership and AGL rewards program.


AGL has partnered with the flybuys rewards program to offer customers more of an incentive to choose AGL over the competition.

You can earn flybuys through AGL in multiple ways. New customers receive 10,000 bonus points by signing up for an AGL plan online and linking their AGL and flybuys accounts.

You will also earn one flybuys point for every $1 you spend on your gas or electricity bill if you sign up for eBilling. Paper bill customers will receive a point for every $2 they spend.

You can also receive varying flybuys points for signing up for direct debit and monthly billing. AGL will send some additional flybuys points on birthdays and energy plan anniversaries.

The AGL rewards program gives you access to discounts on everything from movie tickets to groceries to holidays. They partner with select cinemas, restaurants, and stores to allow customers to save on everyday purchases.

The rewards program savings opportunities vary from month to month, so customers should check their notifications for new ways to save through their AGL plan.

Rewards include:

  • Up to 50% off of meals at some restaurants
  • Discounted movies at Village and Hoyts Cinemas
  • Discounted gift cards

AGL offers a standard solar feed-in tariff rate to all of their electricity customers with solar panels. Below is a breakdown of the rate you can expect in your state from all AGL plans.

AGL Solar Feed-in Tariff Rate
State Price per kWh
New South Wales 11.1 c/kWh
Victoria 11.3 c/kWh
Queensland 10.6 c/kWh
South Australia 16.3 c/kWh

Residential customers with solar PV systems up to 10kW in size might want to consider the AGL Solar Savers plan for a higher feed-in tariff rate.

The Solar Savers plan offers a feed-in tariff rate of 20 c/kWh in all states where AGL supplies electricity. This tariff is made up of the regular AGL feed-in tariffs shown above, plus an additional ‘bonus’ tariff to total 20c per kilowatt hour.

This is a variable rate plan with a 24-month period and no lock-in contract. It gives you access to the AGL rewards program and 24/7 customer support.

AGL makes moving easy through their online portal. You should let them know at least three days before you move, and can track your energy switch through their online tracker.

Disconnecting/Reconnecting When Moving
Alert AGL when and where you’re moving and what energy you’d like to transfer (gas and/or electricity)
Use the AGL online tracker to check your connection status
Upgrade or change your plan if you need to. Now there’s one less thing on your mind while moving.

Residential gas and electricity
131 245
Available 24/7


Head Office
AGL Energy Limited
Level 24/200 George Street

Small/Medium Business Customer Service

133 835
Available 24/7

Large Business Customer Service

1300 793 477
Mon – Fri
8.30am – 5.30pm AEST

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