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  • Origin is among the ‘Big Three’ energy retailers in Australia. They currently have 4.2 million customers.
  • Origin offers variable and fixed-rate energy plans to their customers.
  • Those who want to get the most out of their solar panels through Origin can select the Solar Boost plan for the highest feed-in tariff rate.

Origin is one of the ‘Big Three’ energy retailers in Australia, alongside energy giants Energy Australia and AGL. It has 4.2 million customers across the country. Origin is also among the leading green energy and solar providers in the nation, and aims to cut emissions in half in the coming decade.

Ahead, we’ll give an overview of the Origin plans used by millions of Australians. Check our comparison tool to see how Origin stacks up against some of the others.

Origin offers a few different plans that apply to both electricity and natural gas. They each have conditional discounts which vary depending on the state.

Origin offers gas plans to the following states:

  • ACT
  • NSW
  • QLD
  • SA
  • VIC
  • WA

Origin also offers electricity plans to all of the above states except Western Australia.

As the name suggests, the Origin Maximiser plan gives you the maximum discount of all four standard Origin energy plans.

You will only have one way to pay if you select this plan, and that’s through direct debit. You will also have to receive all of your bills and correspondence electronically.

Those who plan on paying their bill this way anyway might benefit from choosing the origin maximiser plan.

You can also receive some state-specific discounts on top of the usage charges discount you’ll receive when you choose Origin Maximiser. We outline these in the table below. The benefit period for these discounts is 12 months.

Origin Maximiser Discounts by State
State Electricity Natural Gas Conditional Discount
ACT 14% 14% +6% Bonus discount for bundling electricity and gas
NWS 16% 13% +2% Bonus discount for signing up online
QLD 16% 6% None
SA 12% 13% None
VIC 24% 15% +1% “Online only” bonus discount
WA 35% None

The Smart Saver plan is available wherever Origin operates, except for New South Wales and Western Australia.

This plan has a slightly smaller discount than the Maximiser plan but allows you to pay whichever way you want. The condition for this discount is that you pay on time.

Like the Origin Maximiser plan, you must receive bills and correspondence electronically.

Origin is currently running a promotion, providing a free Home HQ Energy Starter kit for new Smart Saver customers, valued at $299.

Customers can receive a bonus 1% discount when bundling their electricity and gas services.

Origin Smart Saver Discounts by State
State Electricity Natural Gas Benefit Period
ACT 6% 10% 12 Months
QLD 6% 4% 24 Months
SA 6% 11% 24 Months
VIC 15% 13% 25 Months

Origin’s Bill Saver is currently only available to customers in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The discounts you’ll receive from Bill Saver are guaranteed, so you won’t lose them for paying a bill a bit later than it was due. There are also flexible billing options, so you can pay with any method you choose.

The Bill Saver plan, as Origin states, is best for those who have low energy needs.

Origin Bill Saver Discounts by State
State Electricity Natural Gas Conditional Discount
NWS 10% 10% 12 Months
WA 22% 12 or 24 Months

Origin Saver is available in all states where Origin operates. This plan offers conditional pay-on-time discounts with some state-specific discounts, similar to Origin Maximiser.

The benefit period for these electricity and gas discounts is 12 months.

Origin Bill Saver Discounts by State
State Electricity Natural Gas Conditional Discount
ACT 10% 10% +6% Bonus discount for bundling electricity and gas
NSW 13% 8% +2% Bonus discount for signing up online
QLD 14% 4% None
SA 10% 11% None
VIC 20% 13% +1% “Online only” bonus discount
WA 33% None

he Predictable Plan is Origin’s fixed-rate energy plan that keeps prices the same throughout the 12 months. Origin estimates your energy usage by looking at the median price in your area as well as your energy use history.

Those who don’t use as much energy as the plan predicts will still pay the same charges. You won’t see any reflection of your lower usage until you take out a new Predictable Plan the following year.

So while you do have the security of knowing exactly how much your bill will be, you may lose out if you use less energy than predicted.

Origin is one of the largest energy retailers in the country, and have quite a few awards and certificates to their name. Some of the recognition they received last year include:

  • 2017 AHRI Awards – Elizabeth Broderick AO Workforce Flexibility Award
  • 2017 Global Equity Organisation (GEO) conference – Best Use of Technology
  • 2017 Mozo Experts Choice Awards – NSW Best Value Electricity, Origin Energy Maximiser

Origin is among the leaders in Australian renewable energy as well, and aim to cut emissions in half by 2032. They have installed over 1 million solar panels in the last decade, and continue to lower their installation costs as time goes on.

Origin is a top solar provider in the country, which means they can install solar panel systems on your home as well as provide you with plans.

Choosing to purchase solar panels from Origin could make you eligible for the Solar Boost Plus plan. This plan gives you access to feed-in tariffs up to 20c/kWh, but this is only if you purchase solar panels from Origin.

Apart from this deal and the Solar Boost, you will receive the following feed-in tariff rates on Origin electricity products.

Origin FiT by State
8c/kWh 8c/kWh 7c/kWh 10c/kWh 9.9c/kWh

The Origin Solar Boost gives you the maximum feed-in tariff rate for exporting solar energy back to the grid. You will also be able to access electricity and gas discounts for the first 12 months.

Origin Solar Boost Discounts by State
State Feed-in Tariff Rate Electricity Natural Gas
ACT 15c/kWh +10% discount +5% discount
NWS 15c/kWh +10% discount +5% discount
QLD 14c/kWh +5% discount +4% discount
SA 18c/kWh +10% discount +5% discount
VIC 14c/kWh +20% discount +5% discount

Although some plans require you to pay through direct debit, the bulk of the Origin plans allow for flexible billing options. With these, you can pay through any of the following channels.

Origin Billing
A credit card Credit or Debit Card
A mock bill Direct Debit
A piece of Mail Via Mail
BPay logo BPay
Calendar EasiPay Payment Plan
Person Australia Post outlet (fee may apply)

13 24 61
7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday AEST
9 am to 5 pm Saturdays AEST

Customer Service Mailing:

GPO Box 1199, Adelaide SA 5001



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