Telstra Broadband

Mobile broadband allows you to save your phone or tablet data by connecting it to a Wi-Fi hotspot device. Telstra offers both yearly contracts and prepaid plans to customers who want to purchase a mobile hotspot for their travels.

Mobile broadband plans last from 12 to 24 months, and allow you to connect to any of the Telstra Wi-Fi mobile broadband devices, including:

  • Netgear Nighthawk M1
  • Telstra 4GX Wi-Fi Pro
  • Telstra 4GX USB
  • Telstra 4GX Modem

Pricing for mobile broadband plans break down as follows:

Depending on the device you select, there may be an additional fee. For example, if you choose the small plan and the Netgear Nighthawk M1 or the Telstra 4GX Modem, the total price for the month is $35: $29 plan + $6 device.

Prepaid mobile broadband plans are ideal for families whose mobile broadband usage fluctuates, or for people who prefer not to sign on for a long-term plan. You can select the amount of data you need, then recharge when you want more.

You can also roll over unused data if you recharge your prepaid plan before the expiry period.

These plans are compatible with the Telstra Prepaid 4GX Wi-Fi Pro and the Telstra Prepaid 4GX USB Wi-Fi Plus.

The prepaid mobile broadband plans break down as follows:

Telstra occasionally offers bonus data packages for prepaid mobile broadband plans.

There are several different home internet and entertainment bundles available through Telstra. All of these bundles include a Telstra SmartModem, broadband protection, and Telstra Air Wi-Fi.

The Telstra SmartModem is what connects you to the internet – safely and securely. Broadband protection helps you stay safe online, and Telstra Air Wi-Fi gives you access to the largest free Wi-Fi network in the country.

These bundles are also NBN compatible, so there’s no need to purchase a new plan if you transition to NBN. All Telstra bundles observe pay as you go calling rates.

The breakdown of pricing, data, and entertainment features for these 24-month bundles are as follows:

Telstra Air is the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, and access to the network comes with the purchase of all home broadband services. Telstra Air Wi-Fi is available at Telstra phone booths nationwide, and you can download a mobile app to locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

With Telstra Air, you can also create your own Wi-Fi hotspot from your house – separate from the rest of the Telstra Air public network and your home broadband package.

This means that using your Wi-Fi hotspot does not draw from your plan’s data allowance, but it also means that other Telstra Air users can access the network through your hotspot.

Telstra offers the highest speed available on their Wi-Fi network. They restrict the number of people who can use it at once – depending on the size of your household – and there will be slight dips in performance when multiple people are online at once.

There are two basic broadband internet plans through Telstra, along with two additional bundles that include varying entertainment packages.

The first plan, Connect, is NBN tier 25. This means you can expect your download speed to be somewhere around 20-25 Mbps, depending on the time of day.

The rest of the Telstra bundles and internet packages offer NBN tier 50. Your maximum theoretical download speed is around 50 Mbps, which may be closer to 40 Mbps during peak hours.

Download speed is what matters most to the majority of customers. This is what you will use for streaming and surfing the internet.

Telstra offers the Smart Wi-Fi booster for those who need faster Wi-Fi at their home or office. You can add up to two of these boosters if you need to, and they can radically increase the Wi-Fi connection speed in your home.

Telstra offers home internet and entertainment packages that are compatible with the following technologies:

  • ADSL
  • ADSL2+
  • NBN
  • Cable

They type of connection you have access to will depend on where you live.

ADSL connections are generally the slowest internet connections, as they use phone lines to provide internet to your house.

You can use your phone at the same time, but your speed is heavily dependent on how far away you are from the exchange. Although ADSL is the slowest internet connection, you can upgrade to ADSL2+.

Cable connections reach your home through coaxial cable, and are almost always faster than ADSL.

NBN, the fibre to premises (FTTP) will soon replace cable and ADSL in many areas. Telstra was planning on rolling out their own FTTP connection that included TV called Telstra Velocity, but NBN’s universal plans have cancelled this decision.

You can make your home broadband connection wireless by installing a wireless modem, which can be purchased through Telstra or independently.

Telstra is one of the leading broadband providers in Australia, and have several attractive options that could entice customers to choose their services over a competitor’s.

Their internet is reliable and fast, and the Telstra home internet and bundles offer some good value for those who will use all of these features.

However, customers looking for pure broadband internet connection might be able to find a similar plan for a lower price.

Other companies provide unlimited data plans cheaper than Telstra’s, which could offer better value to people who aren’t interested in entertainment bundles.

Depending on where you live, you may have limited options when it comes to broadband providers. However, Telstra is perhaps the most well known telecom company in Australia in part because of its wide-reaching network.

Overall, Telstra could be a good choice for those who want to bundle their internet and entertainment into a single package. If you plan on using all of the features, you can get value for money.

If you don’t care too much about the bells and whistles and just want reliable internet, you can compare plans to see what is available in your area.

Use our comparison tool to take a look at what other broadband offers are out there, and to see how Telstra stacks up.

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