The biggest reason you should consider a personal loan

Tue, Feb 25, 2020 - Last Updated on Fri, Mar 20, 2020
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Whether you’re in desperate need of a new car, long overdue holiday or renovation before selling the family home, no-one can deny the attractiveness of a hefty sum of funds in the bank account overnight. 

And of all the reasons to apply for a personal loan, consumers have cited ‘debt consolidation’ as their leading motivator. And it’s easy to see why… 

If you have debt coming at you left right and centre, a consolidation allows you to turn your multiple monthly debt repayments into a single payment. Imagine how much stress could be; eliminated by having one figure in your head instead of four or five… and it’s set up automatically! 

A personal loan can free you from debt faster and make your finances easier to manage—especially if your other debts have high interest rates before the consolidation.

Getting a personal loan is surprisingly easy

Although many Aussies see the benefit in debt consolidation, some may think a personal loan is difficult to choose and even harder to organise.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Compare Club makes it easy by offering users the chance to compare personal loan quotes from a number of leading and reputable lenders—all online and in just a few minutes. 

Others may be worried that applying for a personal loan quote could negatively impact their credit rating. Not everyone knows this, but applying for credit many times can put you at risk of being knocked back for loans in the future. Even getting rejected once can put a black mark on your name! 

Compare Club eliminates this risk by allowing you to check your credit score first. The indicative rates are then based on your credit score. It’s a smart way to find out if you qualify for a personal loan before going forward with an application. 

Considering the fact that credit reporting agencies only let you check your credit score for free once per year, Compare Club is a godsend for personal loan shoppers who are trying to avoid negatively impacting their credit history. The online platform allows you to check your credit profile as many times as you want, completely free of charge! 

You can even get monthly updates so that you know when there has been a change to your credit score.

Never before has there been a better way to manage your credit history—the great-value personal loan deals are simply the icing on the cake.  

Are you ready to consolidate your finances and free yourself from debt once and for all? Check your credit score and apply for a personal loan all in one place.

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