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Paul Coughran

Paul Coughran

Updated 12/08/2023

Carpeesh Car Insurance Review


Carpeesh Car Insurance has solidified its position as a reputable and customer-centric  auto insurance provider in Australia. With a focus on delivering comprehensive options  for cover and exceptional customer service, the company has earned the trust of drivers  across the country.

Carpeesh's commitment to affordability, innovation, and  convenience makes it a preferred choice for drivers seeking reliable vehicle cover.


Coverage Availability:  

Carpeesh covers vehicles in multiple states across Australia, ensuring broad  accessibility for customers. The Australian areas, below the tropic of Capricorn, in which  Carpeesh provides cover include:

● New South Wales (NSW) 

● Victoria (VIC) 

● Queensland (QLD) 

● South Australia (SA) 

● Western Australia (WA) 

● Tasmania (TAS) 

● Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Carpeesh Car Insurance Benefits: 

Tailored Coverage:  

Carpeesh stands out for its diverse range of cover options. The company offers policies  for different driver profiles and preferences, enabling you to select the cover that best  aligns with your needs.  

Carpeesh offers comprehensive cover various cover options that can be tailored to suit  individual drivers, and their preferences and needs.

Solid Market Pricing:  

Carpeesh's commitment to keeping premiums reasonable makes it an attractive option for price-conscious  drivers. 

Unique Driver Safety App capability:  

The customer shares their good driving habits via the Carpeesh Driver Safety App, and  in turn the trips logged on the app create a profile of your driving style over time. If you  are a safe driver, it can lead to being rewarded with a positive DrivePoints premium  rating at renewal time or a change of policy details. 

Exceptional Customer Service:  

Should you need to speak with a person, Carpeesh has this available to you, with a  dedicated and knowledgeable Australian based customer support team that’s readily  available to assist with claims. This customer-centric approach fosters positive  interactions and strengthens the bond between Carpeesh and its valued customers. 


Carpeesh Car Insurance believes in rewarding its drivers for their safe driving habits.  These incentives not only benefit you financially, but also promote responsible driving  practices, contributing to safer roads and fewer accidents. At renewal or change of policy details Carpeesh use the information derived from the Driver Safety App to determine your DrivePoints rating. A higher DrivePoints rating will provide you with a lower premium at renewal and a lower DrivePoints rating will provide you with a higher premium at renewal. 

You can obtain a higher DrivePoints rating by regularly driving within the road speed limits, as well as displaying smooth acceleration and braking. 

Special Conditions and Eligibility:  

As with any insurance provider, Carpeesh Car Insurance may have specific conditions 

and eligibility requirements for certain drivers. Always review your policy documents  thoroughly and inquire about any special conditions that may apply to your coverage. Or  ask one of Compare Club’s experts to help. 


1. Can I get a quote online?  

Yes, Carpeesh provides an online quoting tool for customers to obtain quick and  convenient quotes for car insurance. 

2. How do I make a claim?  

To make a claim with Carpeesh, you simply contact Carpeesh claims through the 1300  101 311, Driver Safety App or initiate the process online at 

3. Are there any rewards for safe drivers?  

Yes, the DrivePoints rating within your premium at renewal or change of policy rewards safe driving. Please see your policy documentation for more details. 

4. Are there any special conditions? 

Carpeesh may have specific conditions or requirements for certain drivers, such as age  restrictions, mileage limits, or vehicle eligibility criteria. It’s important to review your  policy documents in order to understand any special conditions that may apply to your  particular situation.  

5. Can I manage my policy online?  

Absolutely! Carpeesh has a user-friendly online platform that allows you to manage your  policy conveniently. You can make changes to your cover, view your policy documents  at any time without ferreting through your email, and access important information  relevant to your cover as you need it. 

6. What cover options does Carpeesh offer?  

Carpeesh offers a broad range of cover to suit different driver needs. These options include comprehensive cover for good drivers, young drivers, rideshare and worker  orientated products. The product offered to you at the time is based on your answers to  the quote questions. 

7. Will Carpeesh cover my car in all states?  

Carpeesh covers cars nationally cars below the Tropic of Capricorn. When applying  your address in the quote process you can determine if your postcode is acceptable. 

8. How can I contact Carpeesh customer support?  

To contact customer support, you can call Carpeesh's on 1300 101 311 or reach out to  them through 


With comprehensive coverage options, competitive pricing, a user-friendly online  platform, and good customer service, Carpeesh strives to exceed expectations and  cater to the diverse needs of a range of drivers.  

As always, prospective policyholders are encouraged to evaluate their specific  requirements, compare options, and review policy terms to ensure that Carpeesh Car Insurance aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

GENERAL ADVICE WARNING: General Advice is advice that has been prepared without considering your current objectives, financial situation or needs. Therefore, before acting on this advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to those objectives, situation or needs.

If the advice provided relates to the acquisition or possible acquisition of a new insurance policy you should consider the Insurers PDS prior to making the decision to purchase their product.

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