Quick and easy Credit Card comparison
that fits your finances

Quick and easy
Credit Card comparison
that fits your finances

Compare 80+ cards for free

Compare over 80 credit cards from NAB, Westpac, American Express and others and find a card that fits your finances.

Compare Cards.
Find the features you need. Apply.
It’s that simple.

Just as no two people are the same, no two credit cards are the same. Quickly filter what you’re looking for in a card and compare key features side by side. It’s that simple.


It’s free to compare

Our credit card comparison is free to use and won’t affect your credit score. We only show you the cards that fit your needs, not the ones that make us the most money.


Let our experts do the hard work

Our team lives and breathes credit cards. We’ve done all the hard work in pulling together the information. All you need to do is click a couple of buttons and compare cards.


Your finances come first

Whether you’re looking for a low rate for a big purchase, a way to rack up frequent flier points ahead of a Pacific Island getaway, or just want to move multiple balances onto a new card, we’ll show you the results that can help you work towards a better bank balance.

Common credit card questions

We get asked a lot of questions about credit cards. Here’s the answer to some of your most common queries.

This depends on what you want from your credit card. Some people aren’t keen on paying an annual fee, or are happy to pay a small amount each year for an ultra-low interest rate. You might be keen on a card with very enticing introductory offers and rates, while your partner may want to rack up frequent flyer points.

It’s why taking a few minutes to compare credit cards is important. There’s no such thing as a best credit card, only what’s best for you. So whether you’re planning on a big immediate purchase or you know you need it to tide yourself over ahead of pay days, take a minute to make sure you know what you want from your card and how you’ll afford to pay it off.

If you’re after a cheap credit card, focus on the interest rate on the credit card and whether it has an annual fee. You can also look at the interest-free days, as this can help you reduce or avoid the amount of interest you pay on the card.

Comparing your credit card options with us doesn’t impact your credit score. It’ll result in a soft credit check, which will appear on your credit history but won’t impact your score. Once you apply for a credit card with Compare Club, this will result in a hard inquiry on your credit, which can impact your score if you are approved or rejected for the card.

There are a range of credit cards available, including low rate cards, low fee cards, balance transfer cards, frequent flyer credit cards, reward credit cards and premium cards. What card is right for you depends on what you want from your credit card.

Credit cards have lots of different types of fees. Here’s what to look out for.

  • Annual fees: This is a fee that is charged for having a credit card. Not all cards come with these.

  • Late payment fees: This is a fee charged to your credit card if you miss a payment. They vary between providers, but the best way to avoid any kind of late payment fee is to make sure you’re paying off the minimum amount each month.

  • Cash advance fees: This is a fee you get for withdrawing cash from your credit card. There may be times when using your card in this way is unavoidable, but using your debit card is the best way to avoid a cash advance fee.

  • Interest: You’ll get charged this if you don’t pay your balance off in full each month once any introductory interest free offers have run out. Even if you can’t get your balance down to zero, lowering the amount on the card will lower your interest payments.

Everybody budgets differently and if you’re really struggling, visit a financial counsellor rather than make out a new card. But keep the amount on your card low and paying off at least the minimum each month is a good way to avoid extra charges.

There’s lots of different ways to manage credit card debt, but the key thing is not to stress. Whether it’s transferring the balance for free to a lower interest card or planning your monthly payments, your card payments shouldn’t rule your bank balance.

You can apply for a credit card right here, with us. We compare over 80 credit cards and you can compare which ones you like side by side.

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