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Your energy bills should be falling. Even the government says Aussie households can save up to $219 per year by shopping around*. We compare home and business energy plans from a panel of electricity & gas suppliers.

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Save time and money as we do the heavy lifting. Our expert team takes care of everything, from finding you the lowest possible price, to handling all your paperwork. We'll even apply any relevant discounts you're eligible for.

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We've been cutting energy bills across Australia since 2010. We'll compare big brands and boutique energy providers to make sure you're paying the lowest possible price on your gas and electricity.

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We're Australian based, free to use, there's no hidden fees and our team takes care of your application. You're not obliged to switch, but we're confident you'll be able to shave hundreds of dollars off your energy bill with us.

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Changed your mind? Found a better price? No worries. You can cancel your new plan any time in the first ten days. Although we reckon you'll be hard pushed to find a cheaper energy deal anywhere else.

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Save time and money as we do the heavy lifting. Our expert team takes care of everything, from finding you the lowest possible price, to handling all your paperwork. We'll even apply any relevant discounts you're eligible for.

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During winter, many of us struggle with gloomy days, heavy rainfall and flu season. But there's one more thing. Energy bills.

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    Common questions about comparing Electricity and Gas.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about electricty and gas:

    We bring together a network of energy suppliers and compare their offered rates on different electricity and gas plans. We put the power in your hands to decide which price is the best and provide the switching service free of charge. You may be asked to provide some documents, but we will arrange the connection and send you any relevant information. It is easy!
    At Compare Club, we do not charge any fees for the use of our comparison tools or for speaking to our energy consultants. However, your current supplier might have contractual terms that include exit fees. We recommend you check with your supplier to clarify. Also be sure to make any final payments on time or you may incur a late fee.
    Comparing suppliers and arranging the switch does not take long, but it can be up to three months before the switch takes place. Usually, you will need a final meter reading to close out your existing account, which tend to occur every three months.

    If you are further along in your billing cycle, then the switch may happen earlier. It may also be quicker if you have a smart meter installed, which provides up-to-the-minute meter readings.
    Yes, they do. Depending on the rates set by your state’s suppliers, electricity prices can vary significantly. This is due to different sources of energy generation and investment in infrastructure, as well as supply and demand.

    There are several factors that influence prices in the short term and long term. Some of these factors are out of consumers’ hands, which is why the ability to compare suppliers is such a powerful money-saving tool.
    By comparing energy plans, you can easily find which suppliers are cheapest on the market, allowing you to make the switch and save big on your electricity and gas bill.

    People choose to switch for several reasons, but mostly it is to find a more affordable price. Other reasons include moving to a new house, adding a renewable energy source, or because you are not happy with the service from your current supplier.
    Due to the government’s easing of laws regarding competition policy in energy markets, Australia has seen a mass increase in suppliers, meaning greater competition and more competitive rates for Australian consumers. In general, the more suppliers there are in the market, the lower the tariffs.
    A tariff is the amount you are charged for energy as part of your contract. You are likely to see two types of tariffs on your bill: a supply charge and a variable (or usage) charge. The supply charge is a type of service charge that covers the cost of supplying energy to your house. The variable charge changes depending on how much energy you use.
    This will depend on your solar scheme. Regulations vary from state to state and between suppliers; your solar feed-in tariff may be linked to your address or to the account with your supplier.

    Contact your supplier to find out if you can bring your feed-in tariff to a new supplier. When comparing different plans, you may even find that a different supplier offers a better deal on feed-in tariffs.
    Of course, we can! Energy costs are a major component of most businesses and can be one of your biggest expenses. It makes sense to compare energy plans so you can find a more affordable supplier and reduce your overall spending.

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    As our customer you'll be provided with quotes directly from the insurer for the product you intend to purchase. We manage the application and deal with the administration work and insurer. We do not charge you a fee for the service we provide, the insurer simply remunerates us in return for setting up your policy.

    The financial products compared on this website do not necessarily compare all features that may be relevant to you. Comparisons are made on the basis of price only and different products may have different features and different levels of coverage.

    * Our average customer saved $312 on their annual health insurance premium, based off 25,311 customers during 2020

    ** You could be saving up to $219 on your energy bills by shopping around. ACCC, Enquiry into the National Electricity Market, September 2020.

    ElectricityandGas.com.au is an on-line energy comparison service and is owned and operated by Compare Club Australia Pty Ltd (ACN: 634 600 007). We have partnered with Compare and Connect Australia Pty Ltd to provide you access to their expert staff to assist in selecting the most appropriate energy packages from their panel of providers.

    * ACCC, Enquiry into the National Electricity Market, September 2020.

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