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Why Health Insurance?

Health insurance works a little differently to other types of insurance in Australia. Rather than being paid out when something goes wrong, health cover is all about preventative care.

Whether you’re after a comprehensive extras policy, hospital-only, basic dental cover, or a little extra peace of mind—health insurance can be tailored to fit your lifestyle, health needs and budget.

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Are You Paying More Than You Need To?

Did you know? If you earn over a certain amount, you may end up paying more in tax by not securing a policy. The government encourages those who can afford private health cover to buy it.

This creates a better experience for all Aussies. Imagine if everyone used the public system—waiting times would skyrocket, and a high level of care could be compromised. Not to mention, things would get a little crowded! Are you affected by any government surcharges?

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Whether you’re new to health insurance, or paying too much for an outdated policy, we’re here to help you secure cover that makes you smile. Whether that means a significant saving, scoring a few extra massages or ditching unused cover you forgot about.

But that’s not all. Compare Club goes one step further by monitoring the market for you 24/7. With your individual needs and budget in mind, we’ll send you an alert if a better deal pops up.

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How Much Will I Save?

The exact amount will vary between people, policies, healthcare needs and other factors. But to give you an idea, we save Aussie families an average of $1000 on health cover, and individuals an average of $320.09.

That’s basically free money. See how much you can save today.

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No one knows you better than—well—you. Which is why we believe in becoming your own expert. Browse through a range of topics from policy types, insurance trends and surcharges to avoid. We’ll explain all there is to know (minus the lingo).
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