Compare Club Direct Price Guarantee

Updated 30/08/2022

At Compare Club, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best price possible when you purchase health insurance through us. That means if you buy through us, and you find the same policy at a cheaper price elsewhere, we'll pay you 110% of the difference in price for the first year of the policy.

Compare Club direct price guarantee

Terms & Conditions

Our Direct Price Guarantee is based on the following:

  1. The standard premium quoted by Compare Club will be no higher than the same Fund's standard premium for an identical policy available to the general public. 

  2. The Direct Price Guarantee applies for 30 days following the date the policy was purchased through Compare Club.

  3. The policy must be the same in every respect to the health insurance policy purchased through Compare Club and includes policy type, level of cover, extras, and any excess chosen. This applies only to the premium and excludes any offers like gift cards or rewards points. The Direct Price Guarantee does not extend to variations in price due to discounts or the application of any Lifetime Health Cover loading or the Australian Government Health Insurance Rebate.

Claiming the Direct Price Guarantee

If you find an identical policy available from the same Fund with a lower standard premium within 30 days of having purchased a policy through Compare Club, you should notify us at Please include the following:

  1. Your name and email address

  2. Documented confirmation of the cheaper health insurance policy quote on letterhead paper or other documentation which clearly identifies the price offered and the relevant fund. For example, you could print out the fund webpage at the final payment stage for the cheaper policy you have found.

  3. Details of the relevant policy description, policy terms and conditions, and the date of the cheaper quote must be clearly shown.

Delivery of eGift Card

If you’ve qualified, an eGift Card will be emailed by Prezzee to you within 60 days after we've confirmed your eligibility. The eGift Card will be sent to the email address nominated by you. Neither Compare Club nor Prezzee will be responsible if you provide us with an invalid or incorrect email address.

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