Fancy a bargain you can smile about this Spring?


Farewell winter, Australia is turning on the heat... and with the temperature rise comes soaring energy bills.

Research has discovered that heating and cooling makes up 40% of the average electricity bill in Australia.

Air con, we're looking at you.

In addition, statistics show pool owners spend from $800 to $1200 per year on maintenance.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your energy use, save money, and still remain cool during the warmer months.


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While saving on your plan is the first step, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make over spring and summer to ensure your bill stays down.

With a massive 40% of household energy used in heating and cooling, it appears cutting back on your air conditioner usage is a no brainer when it comes to lowering your energy costs.

Install insulation, wear weather appropriate clothing, open windows, or use the less energy-hungry alternative to cool off and install ceiling fans.

If you must use an air conditioner, split system air conditioners are generally the most energy-efficient.

Remember, use appropriately and keep the temperature set to 25 – 27 degrees in summer, and 18 – 20 degrees in winter to ensure maximum energy-efficiency.

If you have a pool...

Be sure to reduce the energy-draining extras that come with it.

On average, a pool pump sucks up 18% of your electricity bill, so selecting an energy-efficient pool pump could save you money in the long run.

Water filtration is another energy-thirsty process, so it's best to ensure your pool filter is working to its full potential.

A clean filter basket equals an efficient one, so clean out the basket daily for optimal water circulation.

Another simple yet effective way to reduce pool maintenance costs is by using a pool cover.

Covering up your pool can reduce water evaporation by 97%.

That means less filling up, fewer chemicals, and less money out of your pocket.

Covers also act as a barrier against falling leaves, dirt, and debris, which reduces the need for an energy-hungry pool pump running all day.

It also cuts back on chemicals by keeping the water clean and protecting it against the harsh sunlight, which is known to destroy chlorine.

Moving into the kitchen...

Fridges and freezers take up 8% of the average energy bill.

It may sound small, but every bit adds up.

Always keep fridges and freezers sealed, and don't open the fridge for long periods of time deciding what you'll have for lunch.

The easiest way to save...

Is through free comparison tools, like this one from Compare Club that connects you with great-value plans in your area.

It takes into account your energy needs and budget, is easy to use and saves users both time and money.

We recommend comparing annually as energy companies regularly update their offerings.


This guide is opinion only and should not be taken as financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.