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Meet Visa Requirements

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    Tailored Advice

    The gentleman I spoke to really tailored the discussion to our needs not just general health advice

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    I was given helpful advise to make a more useful decision…

    I was given helpful advise to make a change from my old health fund to the new cheaper and better result

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    Operator Kanika was very patient…

    Operator Kanika was very patient because I contracted pneumonia before I could make a decision. She was knowleable too.

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    Very helpful and saved a reasonable amount of money. Thanks

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    saved ne a nice ammount of money staff very helpfull and not pushy

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    Upfront though a little uncomfortably so overall leaving me to wonder if this was an effective scam. Once bitten 50 time shy. The process was rapid and the outcome will determine the satisfaction rating in due course.

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    Friendly consultant that answered all…

    Friendly consultant that answered all questions and had good knowledge of the process and products on offer.

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    Team member was efficient and friendly

    Team member was efficient and friendly. Certainly came up with a better deal for the moment.

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    Sean was a pleasure to deal with and made the whole process very easy

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    How to effortlessly change from one Health Fund to another with everything professionally done for you.

    Lucas was very professional, easy to chat to, had all the information I needed at his fingertips. He organised an easy transition from one Healthcare company to another with savings for me plus increased services. Everything was instantly done for me and a new policy delivered into my email within half an hour. Excellent!

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    Operator was easy to talk to and explained all things well.

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    Great service

    Listened to me and explained every think in detail and went over every thing in detail

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    Had been looking online myself but was getting confused. Decided to answer a cold call and it turned out to be a great decision. Ended up saving almost $1200 in the first year with all the rebates more than twice as good as existing. Annie was amazing to deal with.

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    Well informed consultant

    Well informed consultant. Found the policy that suited our needs

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    A remarkable savings in Private Health Insurance costs

    Via a phone consultation, following up on my on-line contact with compare club, I was able to describe what I hoped to achieve in reviewing my current health insurance policies as I have recently gone onto the Age Pension and my income is quite limited. Then, via careful questioning and prompts to determine my needs, different options were presented to me until we found one that fitted my needs and saved me over $150 per month.

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    the staff was very friendly and helpful. They always follow up when they say they will call back

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    Being a rusted on HCF member and checking out other options I was really surprised how easy it was to navigate through other well known health funds and features on the Compare Club Web site. So a big thankyou initally Nathan and Cassandra for making it smooth sailing to switch over to a more than equivalent cover.. Saving over $40 per month with the built in gap coverage AHM is so worth it! Very impressed!

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    Navigating Health Insurance with Ease: My Experience with Compare Club and Andy

    I am delighted to share my Compare Club experience, mainly due to their customer service representative, Andy. Andy demonstrated exceptional knowledge, professionalism and dedication throughout our hour-long interaction over two days. He took the time to thoroughly understand my requirements by asking insightful questions and actively listening to my responses. Andy's expertise with health insurance was evident as he provided clear explanations, talked through potential pitfalls and made expert recommendations after conducting thorough research. Despite exploring various options with different providers, Andy's guidance ultimately led me to the conclusion that my current health insurance policy was indeed the most suitable choice. I am truly impressed by Andy's knowledge and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Compare Club's services to anyone seeking expert advice on their health insurance.

  • trustpilot rate by Mandy

    The guy took their time to explained…

    The guy took their time to explained how it all work and how what I was looking for

What is visa condition 8501?

Adequate health insurance criteria

Condition 8501 requires applicants for certain visas to take out a baseline level of health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia. Without this level of cover a visa is unlikely to be granted or, if your cover lapses while you're in the country, your visa may be cancelled.

It's important to note that most, but not all, overseas visitors health insurance policies are tailored to meet these requirements. All policies that are available for purchase through Compare Club meet condition 8501.

The following are the required criteria for “adequate health insurance”.

  • Provides public hospital cover at a minimum

  • Includes cover for emergency ambulance transport

  • Covers all medications covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

  • Covers all treatments listed under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)


Overseas Visitors Health Cover FAQ's

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Overseas Visitors Health Cover:
We cover all ‘active’ visas, such as working visas (485, 482, 408) and visitor visas (600, 601).

There are some visas that are no longer active which health funds won’t cover, and you can’t get cover for any visa that has access to Medicare, such as visa 804 and visa 864.
Yes. Our experts are able to help you get your cover sorted before coming to Australia, and you can call us internationally to get it sorted. We can even help with a certificate of insurance if that’s needed for your visa type.
Your membership will commence on the date you nominated as the cover start date, even if your membership card has not arrived. However you should note that waiting periods will apply before you can make a claim.

You will have seen these when you compared insurers, however the information will also be available in the welcome email sent by your chosen insurer.
Most policies do not include extras, but can be added to the cover if required. Most Overseas Visitors Health Cover includes hospital and ambulance with the option to add benefits for doctors, specialists and pathology (blood tests).
It depends on your insurer, but you can make a claim by providing the receipt and claiming online or through the insurer’s mobile app.

However, most doctors and General Practitioners will recognise some health funds and let you claim on the spot with your membership card.
All you have to do is contact your insurer or us prior to the start date of your cover so it can be changed. You should do this as soon as you know about the delay.
You will be billed for your first month as soon as you sign up for your policy to confirm your cover. This payment will cover the month that follows your policy start date.

When this period ends, you will be charged for the next billing period, which may be fortnightly or monthly.
If you were overseas at the time of purchase and in transit at the time your membership card/s arrive, you can always contact us or your fund once you arrive in Australia and ask for your cards to be reissued.
Yes, there is.

  • Overseas Visitors Health Cover is a month to month health insurance and has limited options as to what can be included in your cover.
  • Overseas Students Health Cover is for student visas and must be paid upfront for the length of time the visa is active. For example, if your visa is for two years, you must pay two years upfront. All people on the visa must also be included on the cover. If you want to learn more, please read our guide.
To receive Oversease Visitors Health cover Insurance quotes, submit your details above and a Compare Club health insurance expert will contact you.
* More Health insurance policies sold vs other comparison services July 2021 - June 2022, PHIIA (2022) and higher Trust pilot scores vs competitors as of 1 Oct 2023.