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Meet Visa Requirements

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  • trustpilot rate by Louise Chiconi

    They had my best interests in sight

    I spoke with a lovely lady, Ellie, who was looking out for my best interests in health insurance, understanding what I was looking for and what I needed. Whilst I had done some research of my own I also needed assistance on understanding other areas (health insurance is not the easiest to understand) and we both agreed on the same. Having her understand my priorities was a great way to move forwards.

  • trustpilot rate by Vera Randall


    On following up on our re quest for a review of our health fund cover, team member Andy, handled our enquiry professionally, with empathy and friendliness. We accepted Andy's information with confidence and transferred to a fund that is not saving us $200 plus per month. In addition, Andy informed us that when out of the country, on advising our new fund we would not be required to make a payment.

  • trustpilot rate by Sharon F

    Very Happy Customer

    My experience today with both Shaneen (not sure) and Taylor was exceptional. They took their time to ask the necessary questions of what I was wanting to achieve from my Health Care Fund. I found Taylor to be very professional and helpful and he was able to find a much better option for me where I not only saved but also received more for my dollar. Couldn't ask for more than that!!

  • trustpilot rate by Ray Russell

    I've been thinking of changing…

    I've been thinking of changing Healthcare insurance for a while but found it a bit daunting. Using this comparison service made it all easy. Well explained and pleasant to deal with. Ended up with a similar policy for less with better extras cover. And some pretty handy advice from Alex Valentini. Thankyou.

  • trustpilot rate by Robert Leslie Johnson

    First of all I enquired about my health fund costs

    First of all I enquired about my health fund costs and in doing so I found that I could save a few dollars on my current fund. The people at compare club are not pushy in any way and it was a pleasure doing business with them. Then I asked about my electricity costs and the same thing applied I saved more money as I am in my 80s every little bit helps.

  • trustpilot rate by Brad

    The assistance was god and concise

    The assistance was god and concise, my big problem was not getting told of the increase and therefore given a premium that was to be out of date before I paid my first. Not happy Jan.

  • trustpilot rate by Anne

    A good review - so far

    I was impressed with my service Matt the person I dealt with was clear and helpful I must admit I was weary as I had a bad expert with a company with health comparisons before and that locked me into a contract that didn’t cover what I requested So so far all is ok and appreciated the follow up afterwards Let’s hope our association is a good one Anne

  • trustpilot rate by Anthony

    Easy to comprehend and informative

    Easy to comprehend and informative. Understanding our requirements and adjusting our policy to suit. Everything was well explained.

  • trustpilot rate by Marjetta

    Very informative

    Very informative

  • trustpilot rate by Thuy

    It was very good!

    It was very good!

  • trustpilot rate by Dianne

    conversation was easy and…

    conversation was easy and understandable very informative

  • trustpilot rate by Dianne

    Health comparison

    Max was very informative and made sure I got everything I needed in my policy at a better price than HCF

  • trustpilot rate by Divakar

    Yanni from Compareclub was very patient…

    Yanni from your group was very patient and honest. He took the time to understand my requirements and provide a health fund that suited our needs. I took the call from him as unlike other sales people who earlier responded to my enquiry started bragging about their qualifications.

  • trustpilot rate by Sara Meadows

    Greater savings monthly and on claims

    Alexander was extremely helpful. Made sure he understood our needs and found a new policy for us that is not only cheaper but will allow us to claim more on the services we use most.

  • trustpilot rate by Don

    Excellent service

    Excellent service, easy to talk too

  • trustpilot rate by Stuart Drummond

    The client representative very knowledgeable

    The client representative was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful to save any confusion with the change over.

  • trustpilot rate by Gary Newman

    Josh was super efficient and helpful

    Josh was super efficient and helpful

  • trustpilot rate by Catriona

    The staff were very informative and…explained the policy in great detail

    The staff were very informative and easy to talk with

  • trustpilot rate by karen

    great customer service and follow up and listening was a big chsnge

    great customer service from this gentleman listen to my needs took the m on board and came up with a solution in layman terms and followed up

  • trustpilot rate by Alan

    Nice friendly service and follow up

    Nice friendly service and follow up

What is visa condition 8501?

Adequate health insurance criteria

Condition 8501 requires applicants for certain visas to take out a baseline level of health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia. Without this level of cover a visa is unlikely to be granted or, if your cover lapses while you're in the country, your visa may be cancelled.

It's important to note that most, but not all, overseas visitors health insurance policies are tailored to meet these requirements. All policies that are available for purchase through Compare Club meet condition 8501.

The following are the required criteria for “adequate health insurance”.

  • Provides public hospital cover at a minimum

  • Includes cover for emergency ambulance transport

  • Covers all medications covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

  • Covers all treatments listed under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)


Overseas Visitors Health Cover FAQ's

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Overseas Visitors Health Cover:
We cover all ‘active’ visas, such as working visas (485, 482, 408) and visitor visas (600, 601).

There are some visas that are no longer active which health funds won’t cover, and you can’t get cover for any visa that has access to Medicare, such as visa 804 and visa 864.
Yes. Our experts are able to help you get your cover sorted before coming to Australia, and you can call us internationally to get it sorted. We can even help with a certificate of insurance if that’s needed for your visa type.
Your membership will commence on the date you nominated as the cover start date, even if your membership card has not arrived. However you should note that waiting periods will apply before you can make a claim.

You will have seen these when you compared insurers, however the information will also be available in the welcome email sent by your chosen insurer.
Most policies do not include extras, but can be added to the cover if required. Most Overseas Visitors Health Cover includes hospital and ambulance with the option to add benefits for doctors, specialists and pathology (blood tests).
It depends on your insurer, but you can make a claim by providing the receipt and claiming online or through the insurer’s mobile app.

However, most doctors and General Practitioners will recognise some health funds and let you claim on the spot with your membership card.
All you have to do is contact your insurer or us prior to the start date of your cover so it can be changed. You should do this as soon as you know about the delay.
You will be billed for your first month as soon as you sign up for your policy to confirm your cover. This payment will cover the month that follows your policy start date.

When this period ends, you will be charged for the next billing period, which may be fortnightly or monthly.
If you were overseas at the time of purchase and in transit at the time your membership card/s arrive, you can always contact us or your fund once you arrive in Australia and ask for your cards to be reissued.
Yes, there is.

  • Overseas Visitors Health Cover is a month to month health insurance and has limited options as to what can be included in your cover.
  • Overseas Students Health Cover is for student visas and must be paid upfront for the length of time the visa is active. For example, if your visa is for two years, you must pay two years upfront. All people on the visa must also be included on the cover. If you want to learn more, please read our guide.
To receive Oversease Visitors Health cover Insurance quotes, submit your details above and a Compare Club health insurance expert will contact you.

* More Health insurance policies sold vs other comparison services July 2021 - June 2022, PHIIA (2022) and higher Trust pilot scores vs competitors as of 1 Oct 2023.

Compare Club compares selected products from a panel of trusted insurers. We do not compare all products in the market.