Renovating your home is one way to increase its value, but funding it is another story.

A personal loan can help you fund upgrades that may increase the value of your property if you’re planning to sell.

After all, a 1% difference in repayment rates could end up meaning you'll pay back hundreds or even thousands of dollars more over the lifetime of the loan.

That’s where Compare Club comes in.

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Renovating isn’t cheap: But giving your home a modern makeover is one potential way to increase the value of your property.

  • With a budget kitchen reno costing up to $25,000*, making sure you’ve got enough set aside for your renovation can help ease money worries later on.

  • Compare Club can help you find a personal loan that has a rate which is potentially more affordable to pay off over time.

  • You can compare personal loans that offer up to $50,000 with Compare Club in minutes.

How we can help: We compare personal loans for you with ease.

  • You can compare loans in minutes, so you can easily see how much you can afford to spend on renovations.

  • Comparing loans with us doesn’t impact your credit score.

  • We can help you find a repayment rate that keeps your repayments low over the lifetime of the loan.

The bottom line: By comparing loans in minutes, you could save hundreds in the long run on interest fees and more.

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  • We compare loans from eight lenders.

  • Comparing loans with us takes between two to five minutes.

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  • Some loans can be approved in under 24 hours.

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