Health Insurance For Dental Crowns

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Updated 24/10/2022

In this guide, you’ll learn all about your dental cover and tooth crown related questions. Consider us your local tooth fairy. We’re not about the mumbo jumbo, only finding you great dental insurance and putting a smile on your face fit for royalty.

Health Insurance For Dental Crowns

Four in 10 Australians have delayed a trip to the dentist because of cost.

A Guide To Health Insurance for Dental Crowns

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Key Points

  • Don’t get caught out by sneaky out of pocket dental expenses - keep yourself covered by ensuring you have a plan that includes Major Dental.

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  • Comparing insurance options to find what fits your lifestyle can be confusing. Make sure you get a better deal with Compare Club#.

Does health insurance cover dental crowns?

If the crown is a planned dental treatment, health insurance funds will generally cover part of the cost if you have Major Dental coverage, and have served the relevant waiting period. However, if you are having a crown put in cosmetically, this is an out of pocket expense.

What is a tooth crown?

Tooth crowns are custom-made caps to cover a damaged tooth, helping the tooth look and work better by making it stronger. 

  • Teeth that are badly damaged might need that extra level of TLC in the form of a tooth crown.

  • If you have teeth that are broken, have lost a filling, are badly decayed, infected or very discoloured, they may require a dental crown. 

How much does a tooth crown cost?

  • On average, the cost of a dental crown in Australia is between $1100 and $2000 out of pocket. In saying that, as there are different types of crowns the cost will depend on your specific needs. 

What if you can't afford a crown?

The price of your crown is dependent on what material you use so options such as 100% gold or 100% porcelain are more expensive. If you’re looking to save, opting for a porcelain fused to metal crown may be a good option. If this is still out of budget, discuss alternative treatment options with your dentist. 

Are tooth crowns covered by Medicare?

No, Medicare only provides coverage for part or all of an emergency dental procedure. 

What is dental insurance, and can I get separate dental cover?

  • Getting separate dental insurance isn’t common in Australia. 

  • Instead, general dental cover (check-ups, cleaning, fillings, x-rays) falls under private health insurance extras. 

  • Crowns are often included in the major dental treatment category, which is usually included in more comprehensive extras packages.

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Which dental insurance covers dental crowns?

  • The two main types of dental cover on private health insurance are:

  1. General Dental - included in most extras policies and covering services such as cleaning, minor fillings and x-rays.

  2. Major Dental - only available in policies that are more comprehensive and often includes getting your wisdom teeth out, crowns and dentures.

To be covered for dental crowns you will need to ensure you have an insurance policy that includes Major Dental. 

Is there a waiting period for crowns?

Yes: Major Dental, which covers crowns, usually has around a 12- month wait so it’s best to take out a policy well in advance. 

How do I find suitable dental cover?

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*Based on 136,746 customers between 1 Jan 2018 - 23 December 2022. #Compare Club compares selected products from a panel of trusted insurers. We do not compare all products in the market.

Chris Stanley is the sales & operations manager of health insurance at Compare Club. With extensive experience and expertise, Chris is a trusted leader known for his deep understanding of health insurance markets, policies, and coverage options. As the sales & operations manager of health insurance, Chris leads a team of dedicated professionals committed to helping individuals and families make informed decisions about their health insurance needs.

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