Which state has the best internet broadband?

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Updated 17/11/2022
Which state has the best internet broadband?

Australia has a pretty embarrassing download speed, but Labor has promised $2.4bn in the budget to help bridge this gap.

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Which State Has The Best Internet Broadband

Australia doesn't do too well in the global rankings for broadband (high speed internet). We currently come in at a woeful 71st fastest.

Our download speed was an average of 52.74mbps (mega bytes per second) and upload at 18mbps.

To put that into some perspective:

🇨🇳 The number one city in the world for broadband speed is Beijing, China, with a download speed of 252.51mbps.

🇳🇿 Our neighbour city Auckland, New Zealand, comes in 20th, with 152.62mbps.

🇮🇳 Delhi, India, chimes in at 84th with 65.50mbps.

🇦🇺 Sydney is the highest ranked Australian city at a pretty abysmal 96th with 53.83mbps.

Sydney is the best city for broadband

Melbourne comes in second at 97th with 53.74mbps but no other Australian locations fall in the top 194. Aleppo, Syria, gets that honour coming in last at 1.85mbps.

To be fair this is an international list by Speedtest Global Index, comparing the world's largest cities but it still shows we are seriously lagging my international standards.

🏆 Let's break that down more.

According to Open Agent this is the current order of fastest suburbs for broadband by city in Australia.

  • Best broadband in Sydney: Strathfield. Or as local residents would say, inner west is best.

  • Best broadband in Melbourne: Carlton. It's been 27 years since the Blues took the AFL flag but supporters can console themselves that they can stream matches on Kayo quicker than any other suburb.

  • Best broadband in Brisbane: Ascot. The houses may be old but these grand old properties has quick internet.

  • Best broadband in Adelaide: Prospect. Fast internet is essential for the hip, younger crowd that's started to make Prospect home.

  • Best broadband in Perth: East Victoria Park. Remote workers take note – coffee shops plus fast broadband.

Which state has the fastest broadband in Australia?

🚀 Below is based on the average results of Open Agent's speed test data.

  1. New South Wales, 51mbps

  2. Victoria, 50mbps

  3. Queensland, 49mbps

  4. ACT, 49mbps

  5. Tasmania, 47 mbps

  6. Perth, last with 41mbps

So should I get an NBN broadband plan?

Well, this really depends on what you want from it.

🐇Speed – If you want fast downloads and no buffering you are going to want something that has the capacity for a minimum of 25mbps, which means you're probably looking at an NBN plan.

  • But if you have multiple people downloading then you'll want to invest in something faster like 50mbps – this will cost you between $50-$65 a month.

  • Then there's Ultra-Fast or NBN 1000 which has the ability to download 1000mbps and upload 50mbps – this will cost you between $99-$150 a month.

  • Australia's fastest NBN supplier is currently Aussie Broadband with a download speed of 67.40mbps.

👍🏾 Reliability – It's all well and good to have speed but if your service drops out all the time you might want something you can count on instead.

  • The latest Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) report looked at which suppliers had the most drops outs. The top three in order were – Dodo & iPrimus, Vodafone and MyRepublic.

  • Technical issues were also measured, with the worst performer for web loading going to Launtel.

  • MyRepublic's latency (this is how long it takes for you to press a button and something to happen in internet land) of 20+seconds was more than twice that of the nearest supplier.

The bottom line

Internet has become an essential utility for our modern lives, but the offer has become complicated.

When it comes to picking the right product for you it comes down to two simple steps.

  1. How much you can afford.

  2. What speed you need.

🫶 Consider customer service ratings. No matter how fast your internet is, you'll want someone helpful on the other end of the line.

🛒 There is a lot of competition in Australia from big names such as TPG, Telstra and Optus, through to smaller players. Shop around: there will always be a good deal to be had.

One last thing: plenty of energy providers are now bundling broadband with power bills. It can be worth looking at both utilities in one if you're looking to cut costs and speed up your streaming.

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